Nong Nooch Tropical Garden


The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a 20-minute journey along the coastal road and is well worth visiting. Most Pattaya visitors think of Nong Nooch simply as an entertainment attraction, but there is so much more here to discover! It is also one of the leading botanical collections in the world for several tropical species of plants and shrubs such as palms, orchids and cycads.

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The gardens and nurseries now cover some 520 acres, much of which is devoted to beautifully manicured and well laid gardens with shrubs and flowers. Nong Nooch’s palm collection is now perhaps the most comprehensive collection of palms in the world. Collections worth visiting include the Orchid House, Fern House,
bromeliad collection (the pineapple family), the cycad collection, birds of paradise collections (the striking red tropical flowers which are all part of the ginger family), cacti and the palm collection.

General botanical areas that are beautifully laid out that will be of interest include:- the French garden and the European garden, all accessed easily via the new skywalk pathways offering a different aerial view of the different areas, together with the newest additions, butterfly hill and the butterfly house.

You can explore the village at your leisure using the trams (hop on and off open air converted coaches with bench seats). Apart from the botanical side, Nong Nooch offers an entertaining insight into Thai culture with its Thai cultural shows and elephant shows. After the show, there is a “fun” elephant show, where we see the elephants as footballers, masseurs and artists amongst other roles.


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Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
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