Tiger Zoo


The major attraction at the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is undoubtedly their collection of tigers. One of your most memorable photos will be holding and bottle feeding a baby tiger cub in your arms. Other animals to see include camels, deer, wallabies, elephants, guinea pigs, ostriches, chimpanzees and elephants.

Other attractions include the Scorpion Queen (a young lady with poisonous scorpions on her clothes), the Crocodile egg breaking festival (May to August), a circus, the crocodile wrestling show, and pig racing. There are also lovely well-kept, landscaped flower gardens.

Terms & Conditions


Adult 800 THB/Person and children 600 THB/Person


 Including R/T transfer 

Morning: 08.30 Am. 

Afternoon: 13.30 Pm.


Tiger Zoo
Half Day
800 BAHT
600 BAHT

(Over 12 years old)

(Under 2 years old are free of charge.)

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